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'Smart People, Communicating Smartly'

Wholesale HPBX for Partners & Resellers (IVR, Voicemail, Queing, Conferencing and Fax, Centres) Print E-mail
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ViTel's Hosted PBX product offers a 'feature rich' Telephony Service that is substantially more cost effective when compared to traditional PABX methods. Scalabilty is achieved by simply deploying additional user terminals as and when required.

Hosted PBX allows the telephone network to expanded beyond a single office premises and since it is available through an online cloud, onn network calls can be made between users in different parts of the country.Telephone Management Systems are part of the?Hosted PBX infrastructure. Users can log into their?own extensions or departments to view CDR's and reports. This results in low client maintenance, since services are available on a self-service-basis. Services include: Voicemail, IVR, Conferencing, Queing, Email2Fax, Callback and Call Forwarding. Number portability is fully avaialble accross ALL Networks and takes a mere 7 to 10 days to process.

Wholesale Packages are available to approved Partners and Resellers. Simply on-sell denominations of your package to multiple clients.

'Reach for the Cloud' Print E-mail
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Ensure that your business as an 'ICT Service Provider / Reseller' evolves into the next growth phase in S.A. Its never been easier to join the mainstream of Service Providers & Resellers that have quickly realised the benefits of subscribing to Vitel's 'multi-service' Network Infrastructure, to meet all the demands of their customers. Vitel has made it easy for existing resellers them to access its wide range of hosted services by establishing a Partner Channel that consists of well experienced Telco and IT Service Providers. Training our Partners is a fundamental part of our approach to ensure that they are able to assess client needs, implement solutions and provide high levels of after sales support.


High profit margins are inevitable, whilst the use of our infrastructure & technology enhances your business product range and services.

GSM LCR and ISP Resllers, 'We have a Wholesale Solution for you'. Print E-mail
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Finding it challenging to retain existing clients who want more out of their: 'premicell' LCR solution & cheaper uncapped internet bandwidth/email accounts?

We have a wholesale solution for you!!

  • Replace 'Dinasour GSM LCR' installations with cutting edge VOIP technology (full training and technical support provided)...... provide reliable VoIP solutions that work with even the oldest PABX system......
  • Offer your client full ISP services such as Uncapped Internet, Domain Hosting, E-mail accounts and much more..... and Bill Your Client Directly

All wholesale services are managed via our online Partner Portal where you can bill for services, suspend services, check usage,? market new services and provide CRM support services (automated), via your own 'white labelled', 'online-all-inclusive' Automated Billing System (ABS).

Vitel CAAS Print E-mail
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Is your client expanding into a new branch or starting a new business and needs un-complicated ICT services that can be deployed quickly & cost effectively?

Vitel offers the all-in-one communications package to resellers for re-distribution to their customers.? Rent complete ICT infrastructure for a low monthly subscriptions and never have to worry about maintaining it. Full redundancy and backup features included. Package includes:

Wholesale Hosted PPBX with services such as Voicemail centre, IVR centre, Que centre, Fax Centre and Conference centre + Uncapped Internet access with your own Domain, E-mail accounts and Website databases.

All-In-One Telecoms and Internet Services with Pay-As-You-Grow benefits for your Resale Business!! "Communications As A Service" (CaaS)



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