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How do we manage to offer highly competitive rates whilst still maintaining high quality of our Network Infrastructure and Products?

Vitel has invested substantial resources in deploying its Network Infrastructure using the best brands and technologies available both locally and internationally. The network comprises of multiple Switches, Routers, SCM1 Nodes, Fibre links and Servers where some of the best brands in the world are used such as, Cisco, Ericsson, Siemens and HP.

The capital cost for the network infrastructure furthemore, is ongoing with constant upgrading to ensure optimisation.

We understand that growth and profitability will come from long term client loyalty, volume and low operations or running costs.

1.? We therfore offer highly competitive wholesale rates that drive high volume.

2.? By establishing a Partner channel to market and maintain products to the end user we are able to achieve low operational costs and at the same time assist resellers to grow their own businesses.

3.? Producing high quality products and offering high profit margins to our resellers who in turn ensure that clients are looked after, thereby ensures customer loyalty.

So we invest in infrastructure, and apply the above 3 factors to obtain a return over a long term period.

Our Wholesale rates allow resellers to obtain margins of up to 75% on subscription services and up to 25% on airtime sold, whilst remaining competitive in the retail market.

Our margins are low, our quality is high and our operational costs are low. This is the most basic winning recipe that any business out there would benefit from if applied correctly..... after all our track record speaks for itself !!!

Let us show you how !!!


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