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"After having used a few different wholesale providers to service our existing base it was clear that talk was cheap, literally cheap", exclaims Managing Director of More 4 U Telecoms Mrs. Macy Singh.? Since joining Vitel in April 2011 it has been a year of pleasant surprises, not only did we achieve record sales month on month, but we have also become good at what we do and thereby gained the respect from our, now loyal, customers . Vitel has delivered on every promise from reliable network servies to ongoing training, support & advice. With one year of success in partnership with Vitel, we look forward to many many more. "Heres thanks to the staff and management of Vitel".

"With declining PABX hardware & GSM LCR sales, noticeably, since 2010 we have felt the brunt of low demand for our previously 'champion products.? Vitel's VOIP Wholesale product has been the key contributor to our business sustainability and continued growth. Wholesale pricing is good and online portal services enable complete control of my customer solutions 24,7,365.? Management are well experienced and hands on which helps to give us the edge when in the market place. Vitel you have saved this ship from sinking, thank you and all the best to our joint success in the future. Mr. C. De Beer - Dealer Principal.

Raven Operations Manager of Proficient communications said: "Everytime I knocked on Vitel's door, it was answered with professionalism, commitment and success". With highly complex client sites that have taken years to perfect, we knew that we had to offer the best out there. Vitels core network infrastructure has been extremely reliable and in turn offers our clients a robust solution for handling call traffic efficiently and cost effectively.? With their Automated Billing Systems, billing our clients is a process that literally entails the clicking of a button. We believe in you Vitel!

We needed to rapidly expand one of our clients PABX network accross 30 regional sites in CTN, PE, DBN, PTA & JHB. The HQ in JHB invested heavily in Voice and Data infrastructure but found that point to point links from regional offices to to their Ntwork HUB at HQ, were not only expensive, but also not reliable offering no failover or redundancy. Vitels HPBX product fitted the scenario like a glove and costed a fraction of alternate options.? The rollout was fast and it was executed efficiently by Vitels Network Engineers.? The client has been running solid for 8 months and have just entered into a 5 year contract with us for the services.? We have no one other than Vitel to thank for this massive gain that has had an imense impact on our business. wrote Mr. D. Tanjan M.D of Evolution Telecom.

Best wholesale pricing in VoIP products. Your training has skilled my staff in 4 months to a level that would have taken me nothing less that 5 years to achieve myself.? Staff moral and customer confidence is at an All Time High! Thank you Vitel....... Vicki Van Rooyen C.E.O of VB Consultant

After having partnered with a well known VOIP Network Provider for the past 2 years, we thaught we had "seen it all, done it all and had it all" ......... until we were introduced to Vitel said Mr. Padayachy. Not only is our wholesale pricing a whole lot better, but we have direct access to Network infrastructure 24/7. This enables us to keep a close eye on our customer solutions. Furthermore the wholesale pricing and product range is straigh forward, simple and easy to decipher.? The ongoing advise and support with Technical and Sales is just what we need to grow our business.....? Mr. S. Padayachy (F.D) TS Telecoms.


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